The 'tree' in our logo represents the strong core foundation - both inner and outer - that we cultivate through a steady yoga practice.  

From there we can be expansive, fluid and graceful in both movement and mind. The integration of the 'branches' to the trunk of the tree allow them to move with the wind and always return back to centre.


At Taiga Yoga we aim to make yoga relevant and accessible to everyone and to teach in a respectful manner that is appropriate to both time and place, acknowledging the attributes of Western and Eastern philosophy.

We strive to offer a safe and comfortable setting in which you can fully relax. Our schedule offers a wide range of classes for all levels. As northerners we must acknowledge and adapt to the changes that occur in our external environment throughout the year.  Taiga Yoga classes will reflect these changes – more Yin like (cooler and calmer) in winter, more Yang like (hotter and more active) in summer.

Taiga Yoga & Therapy Centre provides SAD lighting to lighten your mood during the darkest months, a yoga reference resource, herbal teas and complimentary therapies.


A type of transitional plant community that is located between the arctic tundra and the boreal coniferous forests, having scattered trees: often it is considered to include the N regions of the boreal forests.

- Webster’s New World College Dictionary, 4th Edition


Japanese Buddhists speak of the two “I’s”: one of them is the “I” that is susceptible to study by psychology, (and that) strives to satisfy its desires, talks about itself, observes its reactions, displays itself, and is eminently visible. It is known as shoga and has to perish if the other “I” is to be properly born. This latter, known as taiga, refers to the whole human being when that whole human being is entirely taken up in aspiration and prayer.  

- Becoming Human, by Jean Vanier