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PranaVinyasa Water Practice with AnneMarie

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Prana Vinyasa is moving meditation and energy cultivation. Start with an opening meditation, do namaskar (sun/mood salutation) variations, move through a flowing sequence and close with a final meditation.

The entire sequence is organized around a peak pose or a family of poses. Prana Vinyasa yoga allows the practitioner freedom to meet the needs of their own body. Each class will have an energy signature to encourage the student to deeply feel some aspect of Prana.

This December session will focus on Water Element and Svadisthana (sacral) Chakra.

The combined focus on Water Element and Sacral Chakra will emphasize physical and emotional fluidity. The practice will develop stability in the sacrum, low back and spine. The peak pose is Mandala Urdhva Dhanurasana and the water element is cultivated through flowing movements to prompt a spontaneous flow of creativity. There are lots of expressive variations in the legs and arms and the mandala aspect of Urdhva Dhanurasana creates fluidity around the peak pose. The Water Element is connected to the Sacral Chakra which represents creativity in all aspects of life. Allow this beautiful fluid practice to enhance your ability to roll with the flow of life’s pleasures and challenges.

AnneMarie is an experienced and compassionate yoga teacher. Her teachings are accessible to all levels and she will ensure that both beginners and seasoned yogis feel welcomed and challenged.

Water Element PranaVinyasa Practice
Monday December 2nd

$30 + tax

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