Student Feature: Steve Daw

Steve meditating in Easy Pose ( Sukhasana ) at Taiga

Steve meditating in Easy Pose (Sukhasana) at Taiga

Name? Steve Daw

Hometown? Spent the last 13 years in the north: Cape Dorset, Normal Wells & Yellowknife. Moving in May to New Chelsea, Trinity Bay, NL

Months/years practicing yoga? 3 years from 2000-2003 in St John’s. Restarted practice in 2014 in Yellowknife.

Favourite class offered at Taiga? I’m thoroughly enjoying all my classes. They each have their own unique benefits and pleasures.  

What is your favourite yoga posture and why? 

Active: Downward Facing Dog (as part of a Sun Salutation). It’s an active pose that uses most muscles, yet can also be a resting pose. 

Sitting: Easy pose - for meditating.

What are you working on in your practice? I’m working on developing a consistent home practice, because there are no yoga studios reasonably close to where I’m moving. I also intend to continue my formal training wherever practical and available. I was certified with a 200 hour RYT “Hatha Based” and Level II Reiki practitioner at a 26-day yoga teacher training program at Yandara, in Baja, Mexico, Nov/Dec 2015. I’m currently enrolled in a 40 hour Restorative Yoga training program in Yellowknife, and I’m registered to attend a 2-day “Spine Immersion” workshop in June, and a 3-day “Nidra” training workshop in November, both in St John’s, NL. 

Steve in Downward Facing Dog ( Ado Mukha Savasana) at Taiga

Steve in Downward Facing Dog (Ado Mukha Savasana) at Taiga

What keeps you coming back to Taiga? It’s a friendly, positive and welcoming place to practice with a wide variety of class options and a staff of really great teachers. 

What words of wisdom do you have for the Taiga community? Just enjoy your yoga. Don’t hesitate to try the different classes and teachers. Active and meditative classes can be equally powerful. My favourite are doubles, following an active class with a meditative relaxing class. Highly underrated. Yoga is a very healthy activity. Physically and mentally. At 60 years old, I feel great. 

Final words: A huge thank you to all the staff at Taiga. I am so grateful to have been able to practice with you all. You’ve made me feel at home, and inspired me to take my practice to new heights. You’re all fantastic teachers and wonderful people. I’ll miss you. 

Thank you all so much.  ’Til we meet again.  



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