Student Feature: Anne-Elisabeth Fauvel

Meet Anne-Elisabeth!

Hometown:  Yellowknife, since 1989. Originally from France.

Years Practicing Yoga: I have been practising yoga on and off since 2003, but more seriously since 2009.

My Yoga Journey:  I started yoga out of curiosity and because I had recurring sciatica issues.  It wasn't long before I noticed that the benefits were way beyond my physical problems.  There are no words adequate to describe how much it helped me in my daily life and much deeper, on my whole outlook on life.  Facing the challenges of raising one of my sons who has disabilities and is now a young adult, yoga has helped me being able to take a step back from the stress and daily challenges.

For the first time in my life, I started to hear: just sit in stillness, be aware of your breathing, be aware of the present moment, enjoy "being" instead of constantly doing and doing.  I was raised with the idea that doing things right was to be always busy and productive.  Sitting and pausing was considered a waste of time.  Yoga practice is helping me accept things as they are and not always something that has to be changed.

The asanas are wonderful to release all the blockages and physical tightness we accumulate every day and to release a calming flow of energy; and the meditation is wonderful to decrease the overload of mental stimulation we don't need.  It's almost like pushing a reset button.  It's like forgetting all the outer layers and going back to the very core of what we are and what has always been.  It is very grounding.

Favourite Yoga Pose and why?  Being on my feet most of the day in my full-time job at home, my favourite poses are siddhasana and hip openers like fire log pose and shoelace pose.  It releases so much tension in the hips (and also in the mind) to be able to just sit on the floor crossed legged.



Favourite class at Taiga:   I love all the classes and I love the variety.  The teachers are very pleasant and competent.

What keeps you coming back to Taiga: Taiga Yoga is to me like a little oasis of peace and calm.  I spent 10 months recently in Montreal and tried many different yoga studios with renowned teachers.  I have to say that Taiga and its' teaching staff is the one I prefer and I was missing it.  None of the studios I tried had the variety found at Taiga.  I also love the temperature of the studio on those cold and dark YK winter nights.  Peeling off all those sweaters and parkas and having a good stretch is wonderful.

Word of wisdom:  No matter your physical condition, don't be worried to try yoga.  If all you can or want to do is sit or lay in savasana, it will be a good practice and a good pause in your day.  I think it was John Lennon that said: "Life is what happens to us while we are busy making other plans."  Yoga help with dropping those other plans and enjoying what is happening.



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