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 200-hr Yoga Teacher Training

Taiga Yoga School is a place of learning, laughter and yoga. In 200 hours, examine your own yoga practice, learn effective communication strategies and discover how to share the timeless practice of yoga with others. We are registered with the Yoga Alliance. Upon graduation, mentorships with experienced teachers may be available.

We will be offering a 200-hour program in Spring 2020.

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Cozy up in our beautiful studio and examine your yoga practice.

Cozy up in our beautiful studio and examine your yoga practice.

Program Intention

Our intention is to prepare yoga teachers to lead safe, well-rounded yoga classes. We will:

  • Ensure understanding of yoga’s history and evolving nature

  • Use collaborative learning to develop a unique teaching style

From the first day, you’ll dive deeply into your own practice. Prepare to challenge yourself in the practice and in the philosophy and history of yoga.

After 200-hours of training, you’ll be prepared to teach yoga to a variety of students. Expect to be practice-teaching on the very first day of the program. Teaching is daunting and harder than your favourite teachers make it look! But by teaching your classmates right away, you will curate your skills and develop confidence.

Learning Objectives

  • (instruction) be equipped to instruct 75 minute community classes

  • (business) be able to strategize for marketing your teaching

  • (history) know Patanjali’s eight-limbed path of yoga

  • (evolution) be familiar with different types of yoga including raja, bhakti, jnana, karma and hatha

  • (evolution) envision your own contribution to the lineage of yoga

  • (asana) know English and Sanskrit names for at least 30 poses

  • (asana) understand benefits of doing standing, seated and balancing poses

  • (anatomy)be familiar with contraindications and modifications for poses

  • (anatomy) be able to describe anatomy in terms of chakras, prana, nadis and koshas. Understand these terms from a homeopathic medical point of view (as opposed to allopathic).

  • (meditation) have a robust personal meditation practice

  • (methodology) understand how to sequence a yoga class, including adjustments/assists

  • (therapy) know the context of yoga as therapy. Be confident in offering suggestions for yoga to specific populations (athletes, pregnant women, injured students, and those struggling with from depression, insomnia, obesity and back pain)


Satsang translates to “sitting with true people.” As part of the training, we will sit in satsang together. Sitting with each other and practicing music, mantra or simply conversation is an opportunity to sit as equals. In Sanskrit, satsang means “gathering for the truth.” The truth behind yoga reveals itself in unexpected ways and is constantly changing. By sitting together, we will explore what yoga means in an honest and non-judgemental setting.


Guest Teachers

This 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training includes lots of guest teachers! The intention is to introduce you to the talented and inspiring local yoga teachers and lead you to discover your own unique contribution to yoga. Here is a list of the teachers who are booked for Taiga Yoga School’s Fall 2019 program. Stay tuned. The list of guest teachers is growing!


Johanna Tiemessen:

NIA Technique

Johanna is a teacher and practitioner of the Nia Technique. She believes in connecting to the self through movement and meditation. Her charismatic teachings of the Nia Technique leave students feeling powerful, invigorated and happy. Count on a vivid introduction to Nia in this workshop. If you’re already familiar with Nia Technique, you know you’ll blissfully lose yourself in the practice.


Courtney McKeil: Thai Shamanism, Ayurveda and Nadis

Courtney is a Certified Eastern Therapist and Bodyworker and a 200 hour Registered Yoga Teacher under the International Yoga Alliance. She completed a 2 year Diploma of Eastern Therapies and Bodywork (ETB) at Pacific Rim College in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. Her Diploma is comprised of a Certificate of Yoga Therapy, a Certificate of Traditional Thai Massage, a Certificate of Ayurvedic Marma Therapy and an Integrative ETB component where she studied Ayurvedic tongue and pulse diagnostics.


Norma French-Heslep:

Yoga and Mental Health

Norma French-Heslep is an intuitive and compassionate teacher who understands the power of yoga for managing mental health. Walk into this workshop and hear a personal narrative about where yoga fits with mental health. Walk out of this workshop armed with insight about your own relationship with mental health and yoga.


Bronwyn Rorke:

Meditation and Mantra

Bronwyn Rorke is an inspiring teacher who can teach vigorous power classes or contemplative meditation classes with equal aplomb. She has spent a lot of time examining buddhist teachings and will be leading a workshop on meditation and mantra. Expect a captivating and transformative perspective on meditation.


Tyler Rentmeister:

Sivananda and the Modern Yogi

Tyler Rentmeister is a lifelong learner and yoga enthusiast. He is adaptive and skilled at incorporating many different styles of yoga into his teachings. He completed 200 hours of Sivananda teacher training, and will be discussing the contribution of sivananda to yoga’s lineage.


Anne-Marie Guedon: Prana Vinyasa

Anne-Marie Guedon is an educated and enthusiastic teacher of yoga. As a guest teacher of Taiga Yoga School, she’ll be teaching Prana Vinyasa. A practice of moving mediation and energy cultivation, Prana vinyasa class will have a portion dedicated to opening and closing mediations and a portion of the sequence devoted to movement flow. The moving sequence will lead the body towards a peak pose or a family of poses. Prana vinyasa is a form of yoga which, though structured in terms of sequencing, allows the practitioner freedom to adjust the elements of the practice as needed. Each class will have an energy signature to encourage the student to feel more deeply into some aspect of Prana.


Details and questions…


Do I have to attend every class?

Yes! We understand the life can get in the way sometimes, but missing more than two hours of class time will prevent you from graduating. Part of the program is about cultivating discipline. Step into the fire. Do whatever it takes to get to all 200 hours of training.


What is Seva?

Important to the program will be participation in seva (community service). Attendance at seva sessions will be mandatory.

Seva will include garbage pickup around town.

Community service is a part of selfless karma yoga and exemplifies the connection between all beings.

200-hour Land and Heart Practice Certificate.jpg

What is the Yoga Alliance?

Yoga Alliance registers students and schools who have adhered to educational standards. Their mission is to lead the yoga community, set standards, foster integrity, provide resources, and uphold the teachings of yoga. Although registration with the Yoga Alliance is not legally required for teaching yoga, most studios and fitness centers will require teachers to be registered with the Yoga Alliance.


More Questions?


Will I be able to teach as soon as I graduate?

Upon graduation, you will be certified as a 200-hour Yoga Teacher with the Yoga Alliance. There are options for teaching, such as yoga studios, gyms, schools and private yoga. It is up to you to decide who you want to teach and how often. Many yoga teachers start their career by volunteering to teach at a local YMCA or other organization. Upon graduation from the program, you will have the skills to start teaching yoga, but the confidence and direction will have to come from you!


What if I don’t want to teach? Is this program still applicable?

A lot of yoga students want to develop their personal practice through deep immersion-style programs like this one. Even if you don’t want to teach right away (or ever!), this program will provide insight into your personal practice and offer tools to lead a fulfilling life.


Am I too old/too young/too fit/too fat/too flexible/too stiff?

Nope:) You’re perfect the way you are. Yoga teaches you to meet yourself exactly as you are. This teacher training will elaborate on that premise by encouraging you to critically examine your relationship to yourself through the lens of yoga. As Pattabhi Jois said: “Anyone can practice. Young man can practice. Old man can practice. Man who is sick can practice. Man who doesn’t have strength can practice. Except lazy people; lazy people can’t practice yoga.”

This program is for all ages, all abilities, all levels.

Tuition Details

Tuition: $2850 + tax


  • unlimited pass at Taiga Yoga for the duration of the program

  • textbook

  • post-graduation mentorship (upon request)

  • Yoga Alliance-registered certificate of graduation

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Do you need more information before registering?

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Evening & Weekends

Evening & Weekends